A message from our CEO

02 April 2020 | General

Dear Hero Labs Supporter,

I wanted to give everyone an update around the current situation with COVID-19 and explain how it’s affecting us here at Hero Labs.

I know the last few weeks have been tough for everyone – so I just want to start by sending my best wishes out to everyone in our community, and all of your families and loved ones too. Your ongoing support means so much to us, and we feel incredibly grateful to have nurtured such a wonderful community over the past 18 months. Seriously, you are all amazing. I hope you’re staying safe and well.

It’s been a pretty challenging time for us here at Hero Labs. We’ve had some setbacks, but we’ve also been far from idle and we do have some exciting developments to share with you as well. 

Let’s start by dealing with the elephant in the room.

Sonic is a hardware product, and there’s no getting away from the fact that supply chains around the world are severely disrupted right now. A few of our critical suppliers are warning us to expect significant delays, and realistically it looks like Sonic will be held back for three months or more while things return to normal. Supply chain aside, the social distancing measures currently in force make getting a visit from an installation engineer more or less non-starter. It’s a very frustrating situation, but the safety of our community and our team has come first.
At Hero Labs we try to hold ourselves to high standards of openness and honesty. In that vein, we’ve decided to stop taking new pre-orders for Sonic until we have a clearer picture of when we can deliver. We’re also going to refund everyone’s deposits – although we’ll still donate an equal amount to charity, because if anything the world needs more compassion and community right now, not less.

We thought our next email to you was going to be us announcing that Sonic just won the ‘Oscars’ of design awards, the Red Dot (it did! And we’re still incredibly proud of our in-house superhero). But hey, life sometimes throws you a curve-ball, and all you can do is try to keep knocking it out of the park.

And in that spirit….

We’ve decided it’s time to announce something. Something huge, that we’ve been holding close to our chests for a while now.
Sonic was never the end-game. 
Sonic was always part of a bigger picture.

What we always dreamed about building here at Hero Labs was a complete solution for protecting the people and things you care about – from all kinds of problems, not just water leaks. Now that we had to park Sonic for a little while, we’re skipping a bunch of stepping-stones and taking one massive stride towards our grand plan.
We’re building an insurance company. 
An insurance company that rewards you for protecting your home with smart technology. An insurance company that works with you to identify things that might damage your home and belongings; gives you the tools to stop those things from happening, and rewards you for doing it with perks, discounts and awesome benefits. Insurance that you want to use every day, instead of hoping you never have to.

It’s called… Hiro
And it’s a digital, app-first insurance experience – one that’s more like Uber or Revolut than the paper-bound insurers of old. Focussing our efforts in the virtual space is helping us to work around the physical constraints that are preventing Sonic from shipping, and allow us to keep developing amazing ways to protect your home while we weather the current storm.
A lot of what we’re working on is strictly hush-hush. But if you want to follow our journey, you can find the first inklings of what we’re up to here. Our community has been beyond amazing so far, and as we make take these steps to adapt and survive, we hope you’ll come along for the ride – because sincerely, there’s nobody we’d rather have by our side. 
Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your support so far, and we’re truly saddened to have to put a temporary hold on something we’re so proud of. We hope you understand, and I encourage our community to reach out to me personally with any comments or questions – you can reply directly to this email and I’ll answer every one of them personally.

With warmest regards, and see you on the other side.

CEO & Founder