Property Developers

Enhance your reputation for quality

Enhance your reputation for quality, differentiate from the competition and build better homes with real-world data.

Consumer demand for connected homes is rising rapidly, and Hero Labs products provide a streamlined way to build smarter homes with minimal complexity and cost. Buyers will greatly appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing their new home is protected – and your reputation is also protected if anything goes awry.

Although responsibility for any flaws in craftsmanship or materials usual lands with suppliers, it can be costly and cumbersome to chase third parties for a resolution. Hero Labs helps you to ensure a smooth handover and years of trouble-free ownership, meaning happier customers and less headaches.

Any number of properties can be remotely monitored from a single dashboard, facilitating custody during the build phase and providing valuable insights that you can use to build homes for the way your customers really live.


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