Protect your livelihood, and the planet.

Protect your livelihood, and the planet. A burst pipe in your business could mean anything from losing out on a few days of valuable trading revenue, right through to massive loss of inventory and months of repairs. Depending on your insurer, your inventory might not even be covered for water damage unless you can demonstrate that you took steps to safeguard it – like leaving the heating on 24/7 in cold weather, or fitting a smart leak detector like Sonic by Hero Labs.

Sonic monitors the whole fresh water system of a shop or office from a single point and looks out for leaks. If a pipe bursts Sonic can shut off the water in a matter of seconds, massively reducing the size of the water leak – so you might not even need to shut up shop. Sonic can also detect the kind of slow leaks that cause gradual damp and mould, which can be fatal to inventory that’s sitting on a shelf for weeks at a time. The smart scheduling and geolocation features mean you can even automatically shut off the water supply when the last person leaves, giving you extra peace of mind that your livelihood is protected. If your water bills are taking a bite out of your bottom line, the Hero app can help you to identify the appliances that cost you most to run – so even if you never have a leak you can protect your pocket, and the planet too.


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