An image of plumbing pipes with a black gadget called the Sonic attached to it

Bringing Hero Labs to renters with SmartRent

15 March 2022 | News

Build-to-Rent (BTR) is booming across the UK. There are now hundreds of thousands of apartments up and down the country.

Most of these are in very tall towers, with around 10 apartments per floor, and hundreds of apartments per block. Occupancy varies throughout the year. Therefore, it is important that managers have a clear overview of the various dwellings, especially when the risk of serious water damage is ever present.

Whether it is a burst pipe or a left-on tap, water escape is a real concern. Regardless of the size of the incident, a leak on one floor can impact dozens of homes, at a potential cost of thousands – if not tens of thousands – of pounds. For this reason, BTR insurers now insist on an effective and automatic leak detection and shut-off solution. It is important the solution alerts those affected as soon as possible, including the resident and the building manager or concierge.

Introducing Hero Labs

Having looked at a range of expensive solutions typically not designed for residential installation, SmartRent has introduced Hero Labs’s Sonic product as part of its community-wide smart technology solution.

Unlike other leak detection systems, Sonic detects continuous, very small leaks that can be very damaging over time, like a dripping pipe. Instead of shutting off the water supply on the entire floor, which most traditional solutions do, the Sonic shuts off the water in the affected apartment without disturbing the supply for other residents.

Sonic’s unique ultrasonic technology and machine learning capabilities provide a detailed account of each apartment’s water use. This information is particularly helpful for operators with “fair use” policies in place and can be accessed through the user app or a management dashboard.

Working with SmartRent

As Sonic is tightly integrated into the SmartRent platform, any issues detected are highlighted in the management dashboard. Then, without any instruction from the operator, the Sonic sends immediate alerts to the building manager and maintenance crew, ensuring any issues can be dealt with in a quick and cost-effective fashion.

SmartRent is excited to introduce the Hero Labs Sonic to their extensive network of integrations.

Contact Piotr Makowski, Operations Director at Hero Labs to discuss Sonic installation on 020 3327 1000 or email [email protected] and the team at SmartRent at [email protected] to find out more about the system and SmartRent’s integrations.