Continued growth drives new appointments to Hero Labs

25 May 2022 | News

Hero Labs, the UK-based smart tech start-up, today announced that it has made a series of new hires as it looks to grow its presence across the UK and beyond in 2022. 

Pawel Skrzypek, with his space satellite know-how, and Konstantin Ivanov have recently been appointed to the software development team.  Both individuals bring a creative and technical mindset to the company, and Pawel which will be vital to its ongoing success.  Maya Nakdall is now Hero Labs’ new office manager in Łódź.  With her legal background, she will be helping manage grant applications and submissions, focusing on recruitment, accounting and the smooth running of the operation.

Hero Labs develops smart technology to help prevent water leaks in UK properties.  Water wastage is a very costly problem, both financially and environmentally, with water leaks being the number one culprit for property damage in the UK, ahead of fires, gas explosions or break-ins combined.  Water leaks also waste three billion litres of water a day in the U.K. alone.

The business’ first product is Sonic, a compact smart leak detection system which uses ultrasonic technology to monitor water use within a property.  It continuously checks for leaks within a building and if it spots one, it shuts off the flow of water by automatically closing the valve.

Krystian Zajac, founder of Hero Labs said: “We have ambitious growth plans for the business this year.  To continue to provide the best service and best products for our growing number of customers, we need a first-rate development team.  We’ve been very lucky to attract so many bright individuals with such great experience and enthusiasm – our new hires will be integral to the success of the company as it continues to increase its footprint. A big welcome to our new colleagues.”

Hero Labs is also working with Ryan Ovens on a consultancy basis.  His  wide experience in the worlds of construction and in-home smart technology means that he is perfectly placed to support customers and project stakeholders.