Hero Labs and Aquilar join forces

15 March 2022 | News

Hero Labs are pleased to announce Aquilar have come on board as the authorised UK and Ireland distributor of Sonic.

Why do we need leak detection devices?

Water leaks are responsible for the majority of insurance claims in the UK – outstripping burglaries and fires. That’s where the Sonic device comes in.

Designed to suit all living environments, the Sonic is a discreet bit of kit which looks good and packs a tech punch by monitoring the household’s water usage.

The Sonic uses SmartShield technology which scans the system up to 100,000 times a day and spots any anomalies. Immediately Sonic alerts the homeowner, or building manager, via the app that something isn’t right. At the touch of a button, all the water can be switched off until someone is able to return to the building and check on any potential problems.

Why we chose Aquilar as a distributor

This award winning product lends itself to numerous environments, from new build flats to later living, especially with Aquilar’s distribution.

Krystian Zajac founder of Hero, said:

“It’s been really important for us to work with a distributor in the UK and Ireland that really understands the reasons why we need Sonic in our homes. Leaks cause more damage to homes than burglaries and fires combined and it’s hard to spot a problem until it’s too late.”

How does the Sonic work?

Sonic uses HD Ultrasonic technology to detect low flows of water and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network.

Ambient and pipe temperature sensors can alert homeowners to a potential frozen or freezing pipe. These sensors help prevent bursts from occurring in the first place.

Thanks to an integrated pressure sensor, Sonic performs a scheduled pressure check on the plumbing system. These pressure checks can alert homeowners to even the smallest possible leak. The integrated smart shut-off valve can isolate the incoming water supply in seconds, containing a problem before it can get any worse.

AI-powered digital processing algorithms can distinguish between normal water use and harmful leaks – and even identify different appliances.

For installation contact details, visit this page.