We all just need to be cleverer when it comes to saving water

18 August 2022 | News

With Thames Water being the most recent water company to declare a hosepipe ban, Steve Moore, CEO, Hero Labs says:

“It’s disappointing that water companies have so many leaks in their infrastructure and aren’t able to easily increase capacity by the creation of more reservoirs.  There is also an enormous energy cost in the desalination, purification and distribution of water.  We’re all being asked to manage our water usage but they aren’t tackling their own needless ‘usage’ and fixing leaks even though the country is currently gripped by drought.

“We all just need to be cleverer when it comes to saving water – and that includes water companies, consumers and corporates that use water in their everyday manufacturing processes.  The most recent heatwave has highlighted that if we don’t start taking this issue more seriously now, we’re going to face increasing water shortages in this country and ecosystems around the world will suffer more.

Hero Labs‘ clients are using Sonic to both protect their properties from damaging water leaks and become more aware of their ongoing water usage. If consumers are willing to do this, so should the companies that we deal with on a daily basis.”