Protects a whole home 
from damaging water leaks.

Red Dot 2020 Winner


Sonic uses HD Ultrasonic technology to detect low flows of water and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network. Ambient and pipe temperature sensors can alert you to a potential frozen or freezing pipe, helping prevent bursts from occurring in the first place. Thanks to an integrated pressure sensor, Sonic performs a scheduled pressure check on the plumbing system, alerting you to even the smallest possible leak. The user-configurable integrated smart shut-off valve can isolate the incoming water supply in seconds, containing a problem before it can get any worse.


HD Ultrasonic

Cutting-edge HD Ultrasonic technology detects even the smallest leaks.

Class-leading resolution

Sonic samples the water supply up to 86,000 times a day to intelligently detect problems.

Integrated shut-off

The integrated smart shut-off automatically manages the incoming water supply to stop leaks from getting worse.

AI-powered insights

Sonic monitors the temperature of your pipes and can predict when there’s a risk of freezing.

Class-leading Radio

Innovative HeroLink radio lets Sonic communicate wirelessly over up to 300 meters, or through eight concrete floors.

Battery powered

Sonic PRO runs on lithium AA batteries, up to 2 years of reliable, uninterruptable operation at a time.

Advanced DSP

AI-powered digital signal processing algorithms can distinguish between normal water use and harmful leaks – and even identify different appliances.

Machine Learning

Sonic draws on a database of millions of learning instances and uses machine learning techniques to get smarter all the time.

Rugged and reliable

Sonic works with most standard plumbing and the compact, rugged form factor fits in even the tightest spaces.



  • Check up on your home from anywhere in the world.
  • Get real-time alerts for leaks and unusual water patterns – or nominate friends and family to receive them if you’re away.
  • AI-powered insights help you save water – see which appliances use the most, get estimated weekly or monthly consumption and track your useage over time.
  • Customisable behaviours, geofencing, multiple properties and more.



Not just a pretty box. Sonic’s carefully- engineered layout packs in huge amounts of functionality while still permitting installation in the tightest wall and ceiling cavities. It uses a standard 3/4″ connector than can be adapted to all common plumbing standards. The chassis is 40% glass-reinforced PPS for outstanding stability, durability and heat and chemical resistance.

The high-resolution pressure sensor gives stable 24-bit readings under as little as 1cm of water. It works between 0 and 10 bar, from -40 to +85 degrees C. The temperature sensor is accurate to 1/16th of a degree, proving amazing resolution.

Dependable power

Sonic’s smart power pack gives you a range of options. Go completely wireless with up to two years’ operation from lithium AA batteries, or run from the mains with the safety of battery backup if the power goes out. Either way, you can count on Sonic.

WRAS approved product

Sonic is WRAS approved. WRAS approval demonstrates it is of a suitable quality and standard against the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws, provided it is installed and used in accordance with the installation and requirement notes and any other restrictions within the approval. Any water fitting, which when installed, will carry or receive water from the public mains water supply in the UK, must comply with these regulations. They require that a water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply and must be ‘of an appropriate quality and standard’. To learn more about compliance, visit: